If I made a list of "People I admire greatly but that I'd probably never hang out with for fear of my life and limbs," Colin Furze would be right at the top. He is a living, breathing mad scientist.

This dude has built functional Wolverine claws, shoes to walk on the ceiling and wrist-mounted flame throwers.

His latest project: a hoverbike. An actual hoverbike.

Sure, he has no real engineering qualifications. Sure, if he messes up he'll chop off something that won't grow back. And yet...

He did it. It has no steering system and is insanely dangerous (watch around 0:50 and 2:10 marks for some moments that could've gone much, much worse)... but it works. After a few hours of training to ride it and after hacking just about everything off the frame, he can actually get it to hover.


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