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Of course the Dubai police have a hoverbike

Joins a Veyron and Aventador in their fleet. It sounds like a swarm of bees

It sounds like a swarm of bees.

Dubai police reveal new Scorpion hoverbike at GITEX

The Dubai police take to the air with a new Scorpion hoverbike.

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HoverBike From Florida | Autoblog Minute

Florida based company BoatsToGo has created another use for your Hoverboard. HoverBike is an aluminum and steel frame attachment that turns your two wheel Hoverboard into a riding bike. Currently a Kickstarter project HoverBike plans to go on sale in July 2017.

BMW built a full-size flying motorcycle that's based on a Lego kit

The kit in turn was originally a BMW R 1200 GS.

Every Lego fan has wanted a full-sized version of a kit at some time or another.

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U.S. Army Flies Quadcopter | Autoblog Minute

U.S. Army Research Lab successfully demoed it's JTARV electric quadcopter. Has potential to provide fast and autonomous relief for soldiers on the battlefield.

Colin Furze built a working hoverbike

And somehow managed to not chop his legs off...

If I made a list of "People I admire greatly but that I'd probably never hang out with for fear of my life and limbs," Colin Furze would be right at the top. He is a living, breathing mad scientist.

Of course we'd like to Kickstart a hoverbike [w/video]

It may not be a flying car, and it may not even be a Hoverboard. But we don't care. A hoverbike is still incredibly awesome, and there's now a chance to bring just such a device to the real world thanks to Kickstarter.

Did a California company just perfect hover bike technology?

Will we soon be commuting on real-life hovercraft soon? It depends on what you mean by "soon," "commuting" and "real-life."