It has been said that an electric drivetrain offers a magic carpet ride-type experience. Now, someone's just taken that idea and flown with it.

Jesse Wellens, professional prankster and prolific vlogger, dons the Disney-colored costume of Aladdin, and meets up with an appropriately-attired Jasmine (Jessica Shanholtz) – and by appropriately attired, we mean strapless gown and tiara, not helmet and kneepads – and shows her the world. Or, at least, San Francisco. His ride of choice? A purple flying carpet, of course.

Wellens makes the magic happen with a 38-inch electric longboard from Boosted Boards, a drone, and some creative editing (check out the behind-the-scenes footage below). Oh yeah, and a measure of fearlessness on the part of himself and his passenger. Ask anyone who's fallen off a skateboard a good number of times while riding solo (yours truly, for instance) about how safe or easy it would be to ride a deck two-up, and we're pretty sure you'd be advised not to even try it. Especially without safety gear.

While it's not mentioned which of the three variants offered by Boosted was used for the stunt, we imagine it was the Boosted Dual+. With 2,000 watts of hill-climbing power and a top speed of 22 miles per hour, it's got us day dreaming about carving up some twisty neighborhood streets. Its seven-mile range is a bit of a bummer, though given that it recharges in an hour and can still be kick-propelled like a regular longboard with the battery is discharged, that's not necessarily a deal killer. And, at only 15 pounds and its ability to be tucked under a desk or propped up in a corner, it makes for an interesting last-mile option. And, apparently, a pretty sweet magic carpet.

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