Watch Top Gear lap the Aston Martin Vulcan at Yas Marina

Late last month, we reported on Top Gear – that's the magazine, not the TV show – getting its first crack at the new Aston Martin Vulcan. While impressions of the track star were limited to text, the famous British mag has now released video of its close encounter at the Yas Marina Circuit. You want to watch this video.

Despite Top Gear not actually being on the air, it's pretty clear the video team on the magazine end has taken a lot of inspiration from the telly. Stylistically, this is a good thing. But it's also good because of the details we can see on the Vulcan. Every louver, scoop, and slat seems to get attention, and the footage where the entire car is featured is just gorgeous. If you don't have flashbacks of Clarkson, Hammond, and May within the first five seconds of the video – when the Vulcan executes a lovely slide on corner exit – then we suggest you watch more TG.

Driving the car is Ollie Marriage, the same bloke that wrote last month's piece on the Vulcan, and his sentiments largely echo the text. Only, you know, there's a lot more engine noise. And gear whine. And flames. Like we said, you want to watch this video.

And you can. It's embedded up top. Have a look.

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