Force India says a partnership that would bring Aston Martin back to Formula 1 remains a possibility for the future, despite talks last year failing to produce a deal.

The Silverstone-based outfit had hoped to tie up a partnership with the British sportscar manufacturer for 2016, but in the end the discussions fell through.

However, while the matter is off the table for this year, Force India's COO Otmar Szafnauer says his outfit is still hoping that it can resurrect the idea and bring Aston Martin on board for 2017.

"I don't think the answer is no," Szafnauer told

"It was just for 2016 we won't be collaborating. But we will have further discussions later on with Aston to see if there is a possibility for future years."

Rules key

Szafnauer said that the talks with Aston Martin had been "serious", but thinks that key to completing an agreement will be in F1 delivering a platform of rules that entices the manufacturer in.

"For 2017 there is still a possibility and the door is still open," he said. "We will reconvene again and see if there is any possibility for the future.

"There were just some decision-making points that were unknown at that time. And they just needed more time to see what the sport was doing about the engine and some other things.

"They need to have some of those answers before they can make that decision of entering Formula 1 or not. And only time would give them those answers."

When asked if finalized 2017 regulations would be a help, he said: "Well, that's one of the things.

"So when those 2017 regulations are sorted out, everybody knows and then people can make decisions like: 'Do I like them or not?'

"But if you're trying to guess what those are, than people say: 'Oh, let me wait and see.' That is exactly one of the reasons. To understand what the regulations are going to be in 2017."

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