KITT rides again in Knight Rider Heroes trailer

A mysterious new project called Knight Rider Heroes looks to revive some of the fun of the classic '80s TV show, including reuniting KITT and David Hasselhoff.

The trailer is light on details, but KITT blasts through the desert in a nod to the show's opening. The Hoff also appears in his leather jacket and shades. The end directs viewer's to an official website, but there's no solid info there. Hasselhoff also promoted the clip on his site but without any further explanation.

That said, we noticed that some of the visuals in the trailer were similar to a video from The Aficionauto from last year. Christopher Rutkowski, the creator of The Aficionauto series, tells to Autoblog this take on Knight Rider is "a new production," but he couldn't say whether it's a movie, TV show, or anything else. He confirms that KITT remains a Pontiac Trans-Am in this version, and Hasselhoff plays Michael Knight. Rutkowski hopes to direct the mystery project, but he indicated the work was still in the early stages. He didn't know when we might see the Knight Industries Two Thousand in this new adventure.

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