Marriage proposal shuts down busy highway [UPDATE]

UPDATE: The Harris County District Attorney has charged Vidal Valladares Navas with obstruction of a highway, a misdemeanor punishable with up to six months in jail, CNN reported

A Texas man's wedding proposal over the weekend has started a firestorm online between people who think he's a hopeless romantic and those who see his actions as reckless. Vidal Valladares Navas stopped traffic on one of the busiest freeways in America over the weekend, enlisting his his friends to block traffic all so he could propose to his girlfriend.

Navas originally told his girlfriend, Michelle Wycoff, that the pair were on their way to a party. Unbeknownst to her, his friends and her family were driving down the freeway with them. In the middle of downtown Houston, his friends all stopped their cars at once on I-45, blocking all four lanes. Navas led Wycoff into the middle of the empty freeway, where he dropped to one knee a proposed. Her family was following the couple in separate cars and emerged to take pictures and video of the proposal. According to a now-deleted post on Navas' Instagram account, she said yes to marriage. We can't hear her reply in the video due to the angry horns of the drivers stuck behind the couple.

"I never really thought about causing an accident. I thought about my girlfriend," Navas told Chron. He chose the freeway because he took Wycoff for a ride on his motorcycle down the stretch on their second date. While they claim the stop only last 35 seconds, their extremely public display of affection could have put many lives at risk. While Huston police did nothing more than congratulate the couple, they noted that copy cats would face fines and possibly arrests.

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