Pictures are good. Video is better. That's especially true when we're talking about something like the successor to the Bugatti Veyron. Rumored to be called the Chiron, the new vehicle looks to share a lot of its styling with the French company's Vision Gran Turismo car.

In this video, captured by our friends at Germany's Auto Bild, you can see a pair of Chiron prototypes. The first gives us a good look at the ultra-hypercar's tail, which doesn't even try to hide its aerodynamic aids, unlike the far cleaner lines of the Veyron. There's a huge diffuser and a prominent rear wing, although neither item is as extreme as the Vision GT car. The taillights also look to be far more conventional, unlike the thin, vehicle-spanning strip shown on the concept.

After this quick peek at the rear of the new Bug, the camera pans over to a second prototype exiting an extremely tight situation, as it sneaks between a stone wall and a lumber hauler. It's a small enough gap that the Chiron requires a spotter to get through unscathed, and the slow speed required to safely get through gives us an extra-long look at the new coupe.

We can also clearly see the horseshoe-shaped traditional Bugatti grille and slim, menacing headlights with LED running lights. You can also see elements of the Vision Gran Turismo's hood, which still comes to a point around the grille. It's less aggressive – no shock there – but it still gives a purposeful look to the front fascia. Unfortunately, the video ends before we can get a look at the sides of the new Bugatti.

Check out the short, 13-second video at the top of the page.

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