Woman posts emotional warning after drunk driver kills family

A woman in Missouri knows all too well that some wounds are too deep for time to heal. A year after her husband and one-year-old son were killed by a drunk driver, Destiny Mantia is making headlines again, this time with a viral Facebook status begging people to never get behind the wheel intoxicated.

On September 20, 2014, Destiny was traveling to an appointment with her husband Corey and son Parker when a drunk driver in an Chevy Suburban crossed the center line and hit the family's van head on. Parker died instantly. Corey was airlifted to a local hospital, but died 24 hours later. The drunk driver died at the scene. Destiny was injured but managed to survive, though she says every day is a struggle.

"I never got to see my son's first haircut. Me and my husband never got to buy our first house together," Mantia told Fox 2. "There were just so many things we had in the plans, so much we were working towards that's ever going to happen now, and it all could have been prevented."

On the one year anniversary of her son and husband's deaths, Destiny took to social media to plead with followers to think of families like her's before getting behind the wheel drunk. Her Facebook status, along with pictures of her family, the crash, and their headstones has since been shared over 45,000 times in the last four days.

"This hurt, pain and our future could of all been prevented if someone would have stepped up and stopped this selfish woman from drinking and driving," Destiny wrote on her Facebook page. "You can save someone's life too! Don't allow your friends and family drink and drive. Don't share DUI checkpoints. Be an advocate! Stand up with me! Let's stop this. One is too many. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!"

"No one should ever have to go through this," Destiny told Fox 2. "If I could be the only person to ever have to go through this again I totally would."

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