Yes, Elon Musk went wingwalking last weekend

And, Yes, The Plane Was Moving And Airborne

Naysayers may note that you can travel at a higher speed if you were strapped to the roof of a Model S going all out than you can on the top of a wingwalking biplane. This is true. Of course, it totally fails to factor in account that height thing.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk did his proverbial dance atop a flying airplane in Hampshire, England with the Breitling wingwalking team, according to Time magazine, and he's got a picture to prove it. And, just to show that the family that plays together stays together, Musk's wife Talulah Riley joined that magnificent man on that flying machine. Musk's lighthearted comment when he posted the above picture to Instagram? "Went for a nice wing walk. What could possibly go wrong?"

Musk's plane hit an estimated 130 miles per hour while he was standing on top, but we haven't yet seen a report describing the altitude. If Musk were to try and stand up on a Model S going top speed, he'd have hit about 155 miles per hour. What fun would that be, though?

The Tesla chief is no stranger to taking risks, since he heads up SpaceX in addition to the electric automaker and has been vocal about his goal to facilitate a mission to Mars. Wingwalking, though, takes risky business a little more literally, though. Given that Musk is notorious for being a work-a-holic and putting in massive hours at the office, it's nice to know he can take a little time for himself to have some totally bonkers fun.

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