A man in Alabama is being hailed as a hero after he rescued his young niece from a car that had crashed and fallen off a 100-foot cliff. Tyler Kimbrell was driving behind his sister, Destiny, when she lost control of her vehicle and suddenly veered off the road. Her brakes had failed, causing her car to careen over a cliff. She was ejected from the car and unhurt, but her 11-month-old niece Breleigh went over with the car.

Kimbrell found the vehicle flipped over and his niece still inside the overturned car. Using the light on his phone's camera – also used to record the rescue – he was able to find the little girl alive. "The first thing I saw was what looked like a lifeless body laying there, but I knew there was hope," Kimbrell told WHNT.

By the time he pulled the baby out of the vehicle firefighters had arrived on the scene. Breleigh was not seriously hurt. Since posting the video, Kimbrell's story has gone viral and attracted attention from around the world. Kimbrell launched a GoFundMe to help the young family. He wrote on the page that Destiny and Breleigh were living out of her car when the crash occurred and they have lost almost everything they owned, including all of their clothes. Kimbrell says he's no hero. "I did what I'd expect any human being to do for another human," he wrote.

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