Xcar spots the differences of refreshed Bentley Continental GT

Bentley unfurled the details about the refresh of its second-generation Continental GT earlier this year and gave the high-speed cruiser an official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show. Even with the tweaks, the British brand kept its most popular model very refined, though. If you're still having a problem spotting all the differences for this posh coupe, Xcar is here to help with an informative new video.

Rather than putting the focus exclusively on driving impressions, Xcar really leans heavily into listing the specific updates for the latest Conti GT. Beyond the updated front end, likely the most obvious change for the refreshed model are the big, B-shaped pieces of chrome trim around the side vents. If not obvious already, they make it exceedingly clear that this is a Bentley. A neat touch is the nip and tuck at the rear to create a spoiler on the trunk lid, which does a great job of communicating the intent of the company's sporty model.

Xcar ranks the Continental GT as Britain's best grand tourer, although this video doesn't really explain why in much detail. If you learn about all of the coupe's changes from this clip but still want to know how the vehicle drives, check out Autoblog's First Drive of both the V8 and W12 models for a much more thorough impression.

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