Chevrolet plans to offer a five-door hatchback version of the new Cruze in the United States, according to the latest intel from Automotive News. In addition to the sedan form we're familiar with, the outgoing Cruze was offered as a hatchback in some markets overseas, but not in America – a decision which Mark Reuss, GM's EVP in charge of product development, characterized as "a pre-bankruptcy planning mistake."

The new Chevy Cruze is set to debut later this week. Although the American automaker has yet to confirm which bodystyles will be offered where, AN reports that a five-door model was already shown to dealers at their national meeting in Las Vegas last week.

AN points out that the Ford Focus with which the new Cruze will be contending is offered as both a sedan and hatchback in America, with the latter accounting for some 40 percent of sales.

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