Record breaker limbos under car

A world record holding limbo queen thinks she has become the first person to shimmy under a car.

Shemika Charles amazed herself and onlookers when she completed the feat bent over backwards to get underneath the SUV earlier this week.

The supple 22-year-old entered the record books in 2010 when she limboed down to an incredible eight and a half inches – the height of a beer bottle.

Shemika, who also sings in her family band, has been unable to break her record but decided to set herself a new challenge by becoming the first person to limbo underneath a car.

She said: "I'm just so emotional about getting underneath it.

"The clearance is around nine inches but certain parts are lower than others so it took a lot of concentration and controlled breathing.

"I want to do it again."

She trains for up to six hours a day to keep her body in peak condition and now travels around America performing with her family.

However, regular performances put an massive strain on her body and she sees a chiropractor once a week to have her hips realigned.

Her mother was also a successful limbo dancer in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago but had to give up due to injury.

Shemika said: "I began my limbo career at the age of fourteen and I immediately recognized that I had a unique talent.

"My uncle Bob said he wanted to train me and after a while we decided to set a world record.

"I know that it's dangerous but I'm in really good shape and I have no intention of stopping.

"I love to limbo and I love to see the looks on people's faces when I get down low – it looks impossible so they're always really surprised.

"My mother sometimes worries because of the injuries she has received but I know what I'm doing."

Her mother, Sherrie, 44 limboed for 16 years before she retired due to injury.

She said: "I could get down to about three feet so nowhere near as low as Shemika but she definitely gets her abilities from me.

"I still suffer with back pain so I worry about Shemika's future - I'm on her case a lot but she is very happy being the world's best limbo dancer.

"She needs to be careful though – once your back goes it takes a very long time to get right and causes a lot of pain."

Shemika, who lives in Buffalo, New York has appeared on America's Got Talent and now regularly performs at half time shows during NBA games across the country.

She is paid a staggering $2,300 for her fifteen-minute performances meaning the limbo obsessive commands an hourly rate of over $9,000.

While medical professionals are amazed by her superhuman abilities they do worry for her health.

Her chiropractor Dr John Przybylak(CORR) sees her once a week, he said: "She really is amazing – like a freak of nature.

"If a normal person was to get down so low they would have incredible problems with their hips and their back but Shemika is one of the fittest and muscularly toned people I have ever seen.
"She is freakishly strong.

"I think she can probably carry on going for as long as she maintains her grueling exercise regime.

"Right now she probably thinks she's bulletproof but if she's not careful she could get seriously hurt."

Despite knowing the risks Shemika has no plans to settle down or straighten up and she is determined to reach new lows.

"I think my next goal would be having my own show in Las Vegas," she added.

"Having my name in lights would be amazing and I'm also planning on setting some new records – I want to do the furthest distance travelled in a limbo position."

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