Stolen Indy 500 pace car crashes through Chevrolet dealership window

If you spent Wednesday night stealing an Indy 500 pace car, smashing it through a dealership window with the top down and then ditching the car several miles away, some Indiana police would like to have a word with you.

Bill Estes Chevrolet in Zionsville, Indiana is cleaning glass and boarding windows today after the bizarre theft, Fox 59 reported. Police are looking for a white male who stole the pace car, drove through the windows and then down a flight of stairs. The suspect is probably on foot and injured from the glass.

No word on the extent of the damage to the pace car, though pictures tweeted from the scene show the car is badly banged up.

This is by far the worst thing to happen to a Indy 500 pace car since Guy Fieri drove the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 pace car at the race in 2013.

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