The 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship season will kick off on April 12 with the Six Hours of Silverstone, but there will be something missing from the starting grid before the race – no, not just the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo. In a forward-thinking step, grid girls will no longer be a part of the WEC.

"From Silverstone next week, you will see that for any race we will do - no grid girls like in the past," said WEC CEO Gerard Neveu to Reuters. "For me that is the past. The condition of women is a little bit different now."

If you're not familiar with them, grid girls (pictured above in Formula One) are the attractive women often in skintight clothing who stand next to racecars prior to the beginning of an event. Sometimes they hold placards showing a vehicle's starting position. The ladies have been a regular sight in the top rungs of motorsport for decades.

For Silverstone, the cars will also be positioned diagonally on the track in a look evoking the old Le Mans-style beginning of a race. However, green flag for the actual six-hour event will wave from a rolling start.

The FIA WEC Twitter posted a further message about the end of grid girls that said in part, "On the grid we believe cars are the beauties."

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