The birth of a drifter, meet James Deane

Drifting is sometimes a maligned from of motorsport because it's scored by judges rather than the outcome of shedding tenths off of lap times. But that doesn't mean the people behind the wheel are lacking in skill. In a new documentary series XCar Films interviews European drift champion James Deane, and of course he also shows off his abilities with some smoky slides.

Amazingly, Deane got started drifting at just 15 in a Ford Sierra, and a year later, he was already winning championships in a Nissan S14. His current competition weapon combines a Nissan chassis with a turbocharged Toyota 2JZ engine and a NASCAR four-speed gearbox. Deane reckons the setup makes around 650 horsepower.

As this video shows, Deane is a master of getting the car to slide just where he wants it to be. Coupled with Xcar's consistently fantastic cinematography, there's an interesting story here of a racer stepping up the ladder of competition.

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