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Look folks, I'm disappointed about Jeremy Clarkson being fired. But the dude punched a subordinate because he didn't get a plate of steak and chips. That is some toddler-like behavior, regardless of how bad your day has been. It's tough, then, to really muster much sympathy for Jezza. He deserved to be fired.

Unfortunately, some other Clarkson fans haven't quite realized this, and they're taking their anger out on the man that swung the axe on the 54-year-old former presenter – BBC Director-General Lord Tony Hall (shown above). The BBC reports that the London Metropolitan Police are investigating death threats against the publicly funded broadcaster's top exec, which allegedly came from outside the UK.

"Police in Westminster are investigating an allegation of threats to kill," a spokesperson for the Met told the BBC. "The allegation was reported to police on Wednesday, 25 March. The threat was made by email."

Both Lord Hall and his wife have been under 24-hour protection since the threats were received.

I get it, guys. I'm probably the biggest Clarkson fan on the Autoblog staff. I've followed him not only on Top Gear, but also on the pages of the papers he writes for. I'm confident that if I hadn't stumbled upon his work and in turn learned that writing about cars could be informative, entertaining and inspiring – seriously, seek out his 2008 review of the Ford Fiesta in The Sunday Times to see what I mean – I simply wouldn't be where I am today. But as bummed as I am, it's obvious that making death threats is neither very smart nor very effective in getting Clarkson back to the BBC.

Of course, if rumors are true, Clarkson's dismissal could lead to much bigger and better things. So there's that.

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