Garia Mansory Currus is exactly the kind 37-mph golf 'car' you'd expect for $55k

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
Concept vehicles brought to the Geneva Motor Show by Swiss outfit Mansory each year, are a little like new Adam Sandler movies: hardly worth paying close attention to, but always good for a few laughs.

That's partially because Mansory has a take-no-prisoners approach to 'styling,' and partially because the company will occasionally drop 1,600 horsepower in an unsuspecting engine bay. Or, in the case of the tuner's effort for the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, it might even slather some of its performance madness on a one-percenter's golf cart.

What else would you expect, save for what you see above, when Geneva's drunkest car tuners meet up with a "Danish manufacturer of luxury golf cars," a company called Garia?

The collaboration (apparently not the first for the two companies) has netted an electric cart with a li-ion battery pack, good for 37 miles of range and a top speed of 37 miles per hour. The leather-clad, contrast stitched interior seems impressively crafted, but pales by comparison to the carbon-fiber bodywork. If that isn't enough, the press release says its street legal in Europe.

Oh, and we assume you can golf in it, but there's not a lot of detail about that...

Mansory doesn't provide any information about the Currus, but a sources indicate the sticker could be as high as 50k euro (roughly $55k) for this chariot of the links. With a limited run of just seven examples expected, you'll have to act quickly to beat Happy Gilmore to the green.

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