Boston man gets revenge on driver who parked in shoveled spot

A New York driver who parked in a Boston man's cleared-and-claimed parking spot earlier this month learned the hard way that in Massachusetts revenge is served ice cold.

The Boston man, who didn't want to be named, posted a now-deleted picture on Craigslist's "raves & rants" board of a car under a huge mound of snow. The poster said he had cleared out a parking space for himself and claimed it by putting an old bookshelf in the spot. The mayor of Boston has declared that people who dig out spots in the city have a 48-hour claim to them. The man told that he left to work the night shift as an Uber driver, and when he came back later that night he found a car with New York plates in his spot, less than 24 hours after he had dug it out.

Most New Englanders understand that the cleared parking spot is a sacred claim, especially in times of extreme snowfall. To teach the New Yorker a lesson, the Boston man went out the next day and replaced all the snow he had spent so long removing from the spot.

He told it was the best way to educate the thoughtless driver without doing permanent damage to the offending car.

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