Get ready for the Aston Martin Vulcan. We're not sure exactly what that is – but Aston has released a teaser of its upcoming model/concept/thing – and it has a racy sound, that's for sure. That's about all we know from this video, as the car isn't shown. The Vulcan is set to debut March 3 at the Geneva Motor Show, and the official YouTube channel calls it "something very special."

The Vulcan's pending reveal comes as Aston is set to get a cash influx from Investindustrial, an Italian equity fund that owns a chunk of the British automaker. The money will fund the company's new product plan, which is expected to help push Aston's global sales to 8,000 annually, double its current level.

Aston's lineup of sporting machines has largely grown long in the tooth. New CEO Andy Palmer, who joined the company from Nissan, is charged with updating the portfolio to better compete with other high-end brands. The Vulcan appears to be the start of this, and it literally sounds pretty good. If nothing else, this engine sounds would like it make a nice ringtone for James Bond.

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