2015 Chevrolet Colorado GearOn Edition is ready to do that outdoorsy thing

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
Bikes, skis, kayaks... the Chevrolet Colorado GearOn is ready to accommodate all of them, thanks to a trip to the Bowtie's accessories catalog.

The special edition Colorado features the basics of Chevy's GearOn accessories, including a bars package, bed divider and tie-down rings, which can be supplemented with other accessories to haul all manner of outdoor equipment.

Beyond that, though, Chevy has fitted a few other items to lift up the Colorado's styling, including gloss-black 18-inch wheels, black Bowtie emblems, a body-color grille, off-road assist steps and front foglights. It's a tidy little update to the compact truck's still-fresh styling.

Check it out in our full gallery of live images, direct from the Chicago Auto Show.

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Chevy Colorado GearOn Accessories

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