Russian 'Stop a d-bag' movement aims to curb really bad drivers

It may be in the east, but Russia is the wild freaking west when it comes to driving. There aren't really rules for the road, so much as easily ignored suggestions. Fortunately, there are some in the Motherland that are willing to stand up and enforce the little things... like not driving on sidewalks.

Believe it or not, it appears the country has a serious problem with people simply taking to footpaths in their vehicles, which has spawned the aptly named Stop a Douchebag Movement. These brave souls stand in the way of drivers on sidewalks, politely ask them to head back to the road and should they refuse, they plaster a very large sticker over the windshield, right in the driver's line of sight. Not surprisingly, there are those that don't take well to their douchebaggery being called out.

You can see a sort of highlight reel from the Stop a Douchebag movement up top. And if you really enjoy seeing some very angry Russians, check out the user responsible for this vid, for previous episodes.

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