Petrolicious profiles mustard 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280 ready to go anywhere

The Mercedes-Benz sedans of the '70s and early '80s are certainly attractive models, but with their hard lines, the four-doors really don't have the graceful curves usually associated with a beautiful car. Instead, it's much more accurate to call these classic Germans handsome. The W114 chassis especially has a powerful stance about it with an upright grille dominating the front and long, flat surfaces elsewhere. Petrolicious takes a look at one man's journey to restore one of these posh vehicles in its latest video.

Bernard Bredehorn grew up in the back of his grandparents' W116-chassis Mercedes 280 SE, and when he eventually got a classic of his own, Bredehorn ended up with a 1972 Mercedes 280. However, the sedan was in need of a complete restoration and sat for years in a friend's garage buried under parts. Bredehorn eventually excavated the car and brought it back to life in a very '70s shade of mustard yellow. Petrolicious shows why this classic Mercedes is now happy eat up many trouble-free miles on Germany's roads.

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