Parents leave children in car to attend wine tasting

A mother and father were arrested Saturday in Washington D.C. after leaving their toddlers inside a locked, freezing car without proper clothing while they sipped wine just a few hundred feet away.

A passerby spotted a two-year-old girl crying in a locked car with her one-year-old brother. The young boy had no socks or shoes and neither child had hats or gloves in the freezing car. Temperatures in D.C. when the children were found were just above freezing.

The children's parents, Jennie Chang, 46, and Christopher Lucas, 41, were 400 feet away in the upscale wine bar Ris. The pair told police they were monitoring the vehicle using an iPhone and periodic checks on the children; the restaurant manager told police the couple had been inside for an hour. When police opened the car, they found an iPhone that had been running for 58 minutes, according to The Washington Post.

Both were charged with two counts of attempted child neglect. They are not allowed to have contact with their children. If convicted they both face $10,000 in fines and/or 10 years in prison.

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