2016 Acura NSX grows into its updated styling for the 2015 Detroit Auto Show [w/videos]

It's not immediately clear at first glance, but the Acura NSX as it appears on the floor at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show is a far cry from the concept from the 2013 show. These days, the NSX packs a twin-turbo, longitudinally mounted V6 with over 550 horsepower on tap and nine-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Although, the three-motor hybrid setup remains with two units at the front and one for the rear axle.

The numerous slashes and scoops make the design look much more aggressive than the earlier concept, but the changes go much deeper than the new skin. There's an inch of extra width and 3.1-inches more overall, including 0.8-inches extra length in the wheelbase. Underneath it all, is a carbon fiber floor and aluminum-intensive chassis to provide strength to harness all of its power.

Unfortunately, Acura isn't specifically announcing engine output, the weight or the design's drag coefficienct yet, so there are still questions to answer. However production starts in fall 2015 with the order books opening in the summer. Pricing is among the factors that the Japanese brand isn't discussing, but it likely costs about $150,000 to park the company's latest supercar in your driveway. In the meantime, enjoy admiring this upcoming entry in the hybrid supercar market.

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