When I play Grand Theft Auto V, I tend to do some very, very silly things. You know, drive cars off mountains, eject from planes without parachutes and yes, jump from freeway overpasses. I always question, though, how realistic the game's representation of these events is. Well, in the case of the last scenario, we no longer have to wonder.

We aren't sure what the heck is going on here, but at least one outlet reports that the man in this video was acting under the influence of some illicit substances – "a cocktail of drugs," to be precise – when he fell from a freeway overpass in Tijuana, Mexico. The Mirror reports he was fleeing from the local constabulary when he attempted to take flight, with his plunge recorded by a stopped motorist.

As disturbing as this event is, the allegedly high jumper bounced right back up after his drop.

"I saw him crash to the ground and was expecting him to stay lying on the ground but he just got up and walked off with no visible sign of injury," Jorge Jr. Fosado Lopez, the man that shot the video, told The Mirror. "Everyone was pretty stunned but it took a while for the police to realise that unless they acted they were going to lose him."

Take a look at the incident in the video below.

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