Koenigsegg coming to North America with two models

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
It's not every day that Koenigsegg comes out with something really new. Its Agera may be one of the fastest cars on the road, but though there have been many iterations along the way, it's essentially based on the same car the Swedish automaker has been building for the past decade or two. The latest word has it, though, that Koenigsegg is planning something new – but that's not even the biggest news.

According to Car and Driver, the House That Christian Built is planning a full-on assault of the American market. The company has already announced representation through Manhattan Motorcars in New York, which will sell one example of the highly exclusive One:1 for use only on the track and in limited "show and display" outings on public roadways. But C/D reports that there will be another three dealers set up across North America. With the northeast already covered, we'd imagine there'll be one in Toronto to cover the Canadian market, one in California, and one somewhere in the South – maybe in Texas or Florida.

To get its cars on the road, Koenigsegg will have to invest big to meet US homologation standards, and that means costly smart airbags, among other requirements. The Agera will need to be retrofitted, then, but the new model – whatever it will be – is likely being developed with US regs in mind. Just what that model will be, we don't know for sure at this point. C/D says we'll find out sometime next year. But we have a feeling it won't be an SUV.

Last we heard, Koenigsegg was planning an "entry-level" supercar with a $650,000 price tag. That might not be accessible to most, but it'll bring the Scandinavian exotic supercar manufacturer into a whole new market from the million-dollar exotics of which it's only made 115 examples in its history.

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