Cold weather continues to drape itself over much of the nation, and for those of us without a warm garage to park in, that can mean foggy windows during the morning commute. One rather fuel inefficient way to solve this dilemma is to start the car, crank the heat and go back into your warm home. However, this video purports to offer another solution that uses common household materials.

According to this clip, stopping foggy windows is as simple as filling an old sock with some kitty litter (preferably unused kitty litter). The material acts as a desiccant to absorb the moisture inside the vehicle. Obviously, this isn't going to prevent frost from covering the outside, which means scraping is still necessary. However, it would be an interesting experiment to try this and see if it keeps the inside clearer. The concept seems basically sound, but it's hard to imagine just one sock being enough to do the job regularly. Check out the video to see what you think of this nifty fix.

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