After making their fortune building a successful technology consulting firm, Eric and Amity Peterson indulged in their passion for high-powered supercars. Now that passion is being put to work in their foundation, Dream Drives for Kids, in Portland, Oregon.

The Petersons open their garage to sick children suffering from serious illnesses, according to Motor Authority. They get to chose an inside look at any car from the collection, and what a collection. Porsches, BMWs, Ferraris and even a McLaren and Lamborghini grace the garage. Kids learn about what makes their car special before they go for a ride.

The Petersons also take plenty of pictures and video of the child's ride for the family to cherish. The couple hopes their foundation can give at least one kid a week who is spend most of their time in hospitals a chance to experience the open road.

"Get 'em out in a Lamborghini or a Ferrari," Eric told KPTV. "Forget about hospitals, forget about doctors and just have a good time."

It didn't take long for other sports car enthusiasts to get in on the act. Now the Petersons are hoping to expand Dream Drives for Kids across the county.

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