Automotive up-cycling, the taking of old, gas-powered vehicles and giving them new electric drivetrains, has really become a thing here in the US, despite the availability of plug-in models from various automakers. The movement even has a week-long annual convention – the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention (EVCCON), organized by the folks at EVTV – that allows people to show off the fruits of EV-conversion labors and take part in workshops and shop talks.

Now, that same come-together spirit is crossing the Atlantic and will result in the EVolution Show on the 29th of March 2015 at the Cheese & Grain Event Center in Frome, UK. Put together by Zero Carbon World and EVTV, the event may also (weather permitting) celebrate a Guinness Record Channel crossing by New Electric in their Ray Wright Delta electric runabout.

You can keep up with the event and inform them of your intentions to attend on its Facebook page. For our part, we look forward to seeing electric examples of Euro-only vehicles – a certain Enfield 8000, for example.

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