Jay Leno rides the Lightning LS-218 electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are fairly proven tech at this point, with multiple options available to riders. The real challenge now is continuing to improve performance to add range, cut weight and boost power. Jay Leno is back on two-wheels again this week for a ride on the Lightning Motorcycles LS-218 electrified sportbike. With victory at Pikes Peak and a land speed record on its belt, this is a real competitor in the EV cycle scene.
Other than a lack of visible exhaust, it's hard to look at the LS-218 and know that it doesn't have an internal combustion engine. It's styling has all of the arrow-like design hallmarks of the traditional competitors. However, with about 200 horsepower on tap from its electric motor, the bike can definitely go. On the salt flats, it managed an average of 215.96 miles per hour, but the company's CEO claims the cycle was going just over 218 mph as it shot through the timing lights.

Once Jay saddles up for his ride, he gives some pretty specific impressions about how the LS-218 feels. Check out the video to hear his thoughts on this two-wheeled lightning bolt on Jay Leno's Garage.

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