Don Panoz checks out Jay Leno's Garage with his 2015 Esperante Spyder GT prototype

After a few years out of the production auto business, Panoz is making cars again, and it's returning with the limited-edition Panoz Esperante Spyder GT to celebrate the company's 25th anniversary building cars. This week Don Panoz swings by Jay Leno's Garage to talk about the latest model, and then Jay takes a drive in it with the company's lead (and only) engineer.
We first saw the GT as a pretty rough prototype a few months back. It's looking better now, though. The example featured in Jay's garage packs a Ford 5.0-liter V8 under the hood with around 478 horsepower on tap. Although, the Spyder GT is also available with up to 800 hp from an optional 5.4-liter supercharged V8.

In a way, it's amazing that such a complete vehicle is coming out of a company that is so tiny. According to the video, Panoz went from around 65 employees at its height to about 14 today. Check out the video to see the automaker's celebration of 25 years in the business.

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