With nearly 1,600 claims in the General Motors faulty ignition switch compensation fund as of Friday, The Detroit News is reporting the company has so far approved 30 out of 193 death claims and 31 out of 184 injury claims. In all, the total claims at the end of last week were up four percent, while the approved death and injury claims have jumped up from 29 and 27, respectively. The remaining 1,286 claims are for less-serious injuries, a figure that is up to 1,240 from the previous week.

The Detroit News reports that according to the compensation fund, offers have been made to 31 victims, 21 of which have been accepted. The fund expects to cut its first checks soon, with as much as $1.3 million going towards death claims ($1 million for the death and $300,000 to spouses and children for pain and suffering).

Meanwhile, the compensation fund has told The News that it has found 90 to 100 claims weren't eligible for funding, while the remaining claims are still being reviewed. Consumers still have about two months before the claim window closes on December 31.

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