The Lancia Stratos might be one of the few cars of the '70s that looks as jaw-droppingly perfect today as the moment it went on sale. For a model that's around 40 years old, the Lancia still looks both mean and modern. Event better, this Italian rally legend can back up its razor-sharp styling too with a Ferrari V6 mounted behind driver.
Honestly, there might only be one problem with the Stratos. They are so rare that just getting to see one of them is special, and getting to witness them being driven in anger is especially infrequent – until now that is. This video showcases a Stratos in its natural habitat on sinewy European roads packed with hairpins. Through the route with a wall of rock on one side and a cliff on the other, the Lancia's raspy V6 sings a fantastically sweet song right into the driver's (and viewer's) ear.

Enjoy this video of a Stratos taking a driving from multiple angles and fall in love with this '70s rally heartthrob all over again.

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