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Since it doesn't market in these United States, Škoda may not be an automaker consistently on our radar screen. But it sells nearly a million vehicles each year in markets like Europe and China, and though it doesn't ell as many as the larger Octavia, the Fabia is one of the Czech automaker's biggest sellers. In fact Škoda sold over 12,000 Fabias just last month, despite the model having been on the market virtually unchanged for seven years already. But now the Volkswagen's most bohemian brand is rolling out the third-generation model.

Set to be unveiled at Paris Motor Show in October, production of the new Fabia is already set to begin before the end of the month at the company's upgraded plant in Mladá Boleslav. Based on VW Group's A05 platform, the new Fabia shares its underpinnings with the Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza and Audi A1... only while full specifications have yet to be announced, if the previous two versions are anything to go by, the new Fabia will once again offer more space than its platform-mates.

Expect the new Fabia, revealed in these photos for the first time, to offer a wide range of engine choices (including four gasoline and three diesel engines) with stop/start and brake energy recuperation systems when it starts hitting showrooms in markets around the world... even if that doesn't include our own.
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ŠKODA factories are running at full capacity; production of the new Fabia will begin at the end of August

​› ŠKODA restarts its production after the factory holiday
› Production plant in Mladá Boleslav has been upgraded for the new ŠKODA Fabia
› Maintenance and refurbishment in all Czech factories
› The new engine centre in Česana will open shortly

​Mladá Boleslav, 18 August 2014 - After just a two-week factory holiday, production at all three Czech ŠKODA sites is in full swing. In addition to refurbishment, the manufacturer used the factory shut-down, in particular in Mladá Boleslav, to prepare for the new ŠKODA Fabia production to start. The new small car will start to roll off the production line at ŠKODA's main plant from the end of August.

​In just a few weeks the car manufacturer will be pushing forward with the biggest model campaign in the company's history with the new ŠKODA Fabia. "The new Fabia really does represent: small car, big on technology," says Head of Production of Vehicles Marek Jancák. "More importantly we have expanded and technically updated important areas of the M1 assembly line in Mladá Boleslav," says Jancák. This means that the Fabia factory has a new, extremely modern facility to configure new assistance systems. The paint shop has also, in some areas, been updated. During the factory holiday a total of 40 industrial engineering companies were at work in the company.

One of the focal points was to integrate the new Fabia engines into the production process. The small car features a completely new range of engines and is the most environmentally friendly and economical Fabia of all time. Energy consumption has been reduced by up to 17 per cent compared to its predecessor. The new Fabia engines (four petrol, three diesel) meet EU6 standards and are fitted with Start-Stop System and brake energy recovery as standard.

The second assembly line in the ŠKODA parent plant has also been comprehensively updated. ŠKODA manufacture the Octavia and Rapid models on assembly line M13. In addition, the M13 production shop underwent an expansion of production capacity for driver assistance systems.

In addition, a lot of work has been carried out to the Kvasiny and Vrchlabí ŠKODA factories. Kvasiny is currently setting up a new body shop. Its completing and the related infrastructure measures are among the highest priorities of ŠKODA. During the factory holiday, the Vrchlabí plant used the time to carry out maintenance to the DQ 200 transmission production line.

ŠKODA put a total of 100 individual projects into effect across all 3 Czech factories (Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny und Vrchlabí) during this break. About 90 companies have been involved in the process.

At an exceptional rate, the final work on the new ŠKODA engine test centre in Česana near Mladá Boleslav is nearing completion. It has been in pre-production phase since June and will be fully-operational from the beginning of September 2014. The manufacturer, jointly with Volkswagen, is investing over 34 million euros in the extension of its current technology and development centre. This is the largest development investment of a private company within the Czech Republic.


The new ŠKODA Fabia: practical and full of emotion

Mladá Boleslav, 19 August 2014 – ŠKODA's Head Designer Jozef Kabaň speaks about the demands on form and function of the new ŠKODA Fabia.

​​Question: A few months ago, the 'ŠKODA VisionC' design study gave us a first glimpse of the future ŠKODA design language. In what way does the new ŠKODA Fabia reflect this development?
Jozef Kabaň: We have demonstrated with the 'ŠKODA VisionC' design study how ŠKODA is able to combine great functionality with an expressive, emotional and more sharply defined design. This new design direction is the next step in the development of our brand and the new ŠKODA Fabia is the first model to communicate this design language. Drawing on elements of the 'ŠKODA VisionC' design study, the Fabia is more expressive, more dynamic and sportier.

Question: Why more emotions?
Jozef Kabaň: Demands on a car brand and its design develop over time. In recent years, ŠKODA has made a name for itself by producing cars with great functionality and above-average interior space. We sense that now is the right time to create a stronger connection between the functionality of our cars and an expressive and emotional design. You could say, that we are taking steps back to our roots. ŠKODA has a tradition of building design-oriented cars which are full of emotion, such as the legendary ŠKODA Popular Monte Carlo in the 1930s. We want to live up to these standards today.

Question: Does more emotion come at the expense of the new Fabia's practical features?
Jozef Kabaň: No, quite the opposite. In spite of all its emotionality, the ŠKODA Fabia remains more than true to its fundamental virtues and is more spacious, practical, economical and clever than ever before. Despite its more dynamic design, we have increased the space in a number of important areas. The boot is bigger and has the largest capacity in its class, the interior is both wider and longer. In addition, we offer up to ten new 'Simply Clever' solutions, including MirrorLink technology, available in a ŠKODA vehicle for the first time, to connect a smartphone to the vehicle. Furthermore, this compact car is up to 17 per cent more economical and has innovative assistance systems from higher class cars. Our new Fabia proves that emotionality and functionality complement each other perfectly.

Question: From a design perspective, what is special about the new ŠKODA Fabia?
Jozef Kabaň: During the development of the third-generation Fabia, we focused on creating a sportier vehicle and made the design altogether crisper. The result is a young, fresh and modern compact car that sets new standards in its segment.

Question: Which design elements have you used to achieve this?
Jozef Kabaň: Firstly, we have given the car tighter proportions. The new ŠKODA Fabia is flatter and wider than before, giving it a fuller stance on the road. It also has sharp edges, clear lines and features crystalline design elements. This has allowed us to achieve greater contrast and a very distinctive interplay of light and shadows. All that gives the vehicle a unique and self-assured character.

Question: The car appears much more confident than before. Is that just because of its new proportions?
Jozef Kabaň: Not just because of this. The front of the car is one example: we designed the grille and the headlights so they appear optically stronger as a graphical unit. This makes the car appear wider, as does the powerfully-contoured bonnet with the two distinctive beadings on the sides. The wide and precision-cut headlights, alongside the width-enhancing fog lights, add to this effect. The clear horizontal structure of the back of the car also demonstrates strength. The powerful silhouette, together with the high, sharp tornado line creates more dynamics.

Question: More and more customers want to add a personal touch to their car. What can the new Fabia offer them?
Jozef Kabaň: There is more opportunity to customise the Fabia than ever before. 15 different body colours are available, as well as a special colour concept which offers customers the chance to individually select the colour of the roof, rims and exterior mirrors. We offer three lines and numerous options for the car's interior.

Question: What is the significance of the crystalline elements?
Jozef Kabaň: ŠKODA is proud of its Bohemian heritage. The sharp lines, the clear contouring and the fine cut of the new Fabia's headlights pay homage to the Czech tradition of glass art, and high degree of precision as well as high-quality finish stand out. The rear lights are particularly impressive.

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