Zap-Map puts all of UK's charging points in one place

The UK has a total of 6,181 individual charging points at 2,539 electric-vehicle charging locations around the country. And the number is growing. Next Green Car, which publishes a green-car guide in the UK, has a feature tied to EV-station mapping system Zap-Map that will do the counting for you.

Zap-Map provides plug-in drivers with locations for charging stations as well as letting users search publicly accessible charging points by characteristics such as charging speed and connector type. To dumb things down a bit, there is also a feature that lets users enter the type of plug-in vehicle they drive in order to best get a list of compatible stations. Brilliant.

There are almost 10,000 EVs registered in the UK, and Next Green Car expects that number to grow along with the charging stations that will support those vehicles, hence the decision to publish and continually update a map for those drivers.

The Zap-Map information is derived from sources ranging from the National Chargepoint Registry to dealership groups to branded networks to independent locations. Maps will be updated on a weekly basis, if not more regularly. Take a look at the Next Green Car release on the Zap-Map station-location feature below.
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Next Green Car launches new electric vehicle and charging site

Next Green Car today announces the launch of a new EV and charging site built around Zap-Map, the established UK charging point map.

With close to twenty different EV models available, nearly 10,000 electric cars already registered in the UK and an advancing charging point infrastructure with over 6000 public points, the UK electric car market is set to progress well over the next few years.

Regarding the new website Ben Lane, Managing Editor said: "The new enhanced Zap-Map website is our response to the increasing interest in electric cars, growing charging infrastructure and the daily feedback we receive via both Zap-Map and Next Green Car. Through the provision of clear, information and tools on EV charging and electric vehicles, our aim is to support current and future EV drivers and play our part in invigorating the UK to 'go electric' ".

In addition to Zap-Map live, the searchable charging point map, the Zap-Map website now includes the following enhancements.

Charging Point Search Tools: Users can now search by location, charger speed, and connector type. Details of the charging points can be shown as a list, grid or displayed on the map.

Search by EV Model: Users can now search and view only charging points which are compatible with a specific EV model. Also, now includes a unique Connector Selector to show which charger types connect with a particular EV model.

Charging Point and EV Info: Aiming to demystify the often confusing world of charging points and electric vehicles, the new Zap-Map website includes practical buying guides, simple explanations of technologies and lists of EV models available in the UK.

Zap-Map Community: With the aim of providing the best possible charging point data, the new website now includes new communication channels for EV drivers and charge point owners to update information on a charging point, report an issue or add a new point to the database.

In addition to daily charging point data updates, will be updated regularly with the latest news and issues from the EV and charging world. The website will be funded by advertising, sponsorship and delivery of bespoke data and mapping solutions.

Zap-Map URL:

About is a new site dedicated to all aspects of electric vehicles and charging

Built around the established charging point map, the site provides search tools, up-to-date stats, in-depth charge point and EV info, community features and all the latest news making an excellent resource for current and future EV users.

The Zap-Map charging point data is derived from various sources including the National Chargepoint Registry, dealership groups, branded networks and independent locations; the data is updated on a regular, minimum weekly, basis.

In June 2014, Zap-Map live shows 2539 locations with 6181 charging points, of which 404 are rapid chargers. is developed by Next Green Car Ltd, publisher of, the UK's no.1 green car website. The team brings its knowledge of the green car market and digital publishing to focus on the electric car and charging market.

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