Azeroth Choppers with Paul Teutul, Jr.Occasionally, we stumble across something on this crazy thing they call the Internet that just makes us stop, scratch our head and wonder whose bright idea it was. This is one such case.

It's a tie-up between Paul Teutul, Jr., best known for his work on American Chopper and as one of the founders of Orange County Choppers, and Blizzard Entertainment. For those not in the know, Blizzard is the maker behind such blockbuster PC games as Diablo, Starcraft and yes, the Warcraft series.

So what's going on? Maybe an NPC based on Paul, Jr. in the massively multiplayer World of Warcraft, or perhaps a promotional bike with Leeroy Jenkins airbrushed on the fuel tank? Nope, it's a web series. Because of course it is.

Called Azeroth Chopper, for the fictional world in which the Warcraft series takes place, it features a pair of Blizzard execs leading teams made up of three designers from Teutul, Jr.'s company, Paul Jr. Designs. Of course, Teutul, Jr. is overseeing the whole shebang.

Each team will be tasked with designing and building a themed chopper based on World of Warcraft's two factions, the Horde and the Alliance (if the series were really true to life, the designers would need to participate in 37 different fetch quests to gather the parts for their chopper). From there, gamers will be able to vote on their favorite, which will then be available as an in-game mount.

WoW, as World of Warcraft is known, has been in a difficult position over the years, as its subscribership has declined from a high of 12 million people in October 2010 to 7.8 million in February of this year. If the Paul, Jr. pairing is part of a larger push to introduce the game to a wider audience, we can't help but feel the association is more than a few years too late. As our friends at Asphalt & Rubber say, with this latest move, it seems like both sides have kind of jumped the shark.

Azeroth Choppers is already a few episodes in, although as each show is only about nine minutes long, you can catch up easily enough. Episode four will be available to view tomorrow. Take a look below for the first three episodes.

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