In the lead-up to the launch of the PlayStation 4, Sony touted the racing game DriveClub as one of the system's biggest offerings. However, it was subsequently delayed and still hasn't arrived. That meant that racing fans had to watch friends playing Forza 5 on the Xbox One, while Sony countered with the Gran Turismo 6 on the previous-generation PlayStation 3. Now, it looks like DriveClub might finally be close to making it to consoles. spoke with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe which said it would, "like to make it very clear that the development of DriveClub on PS4 is going from strength to strength." While a release date isn't set yet, the company says it's being announced soon along with new gameplay videos.

DriveClub was delayed allegedly because of problems within developers Evolution Studios. claims that the game's director left the team in February. The studio previously developed World Rally Championship games for the PlayStation 2 and Motorstorm for the PS3.

When we previewed DriveClub last year, we found it a hybrid between arcade and simulation racing games. It also showed social and networked racing features with many gamers in the world at the same time. With such a long delay, the game could have changed significantly since then, though.

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