An 18-month-old Boxer let everyone on a busy street in Dundee, Scotland know she was through with her owner's Sunday afternoon dawdling, The Courier reported.

The grumpy dog, named Fern and owned by Graham Haddow and his wife, hopped into the front seat and began blaring the horn after being left in the car. Haddow, who was only gone for a short time, emerged from a local art gallery and saw a crowd gathered around his car. Fearing the worst, Haddow ran to his vehicle, only to find the crowd laughing with their cellphones out.

"Usually when Fern sees me she stands up and gets excited with her tail wagging, but this time she just gave me a sideways glance and kept on honking the horn," Haddow told The Courier.

A passerby told Haddow that Fern had been honking the horn for fifteen to twenty minutes. The couple are thrilled their dog's antics have gone viral, though they plan on blocking the front seat when they leave Fern in the car in the future.

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