Fisker will borrow $5M from Wanxiang as interim solution

2012 Fisker Karma
2012 Fisker Karma
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It may seem like a drop in the bucket compared to the approximately $1 billion in liabilities bankrupt automaker Fisker Automotive has against it, but every bit helps. In this case, it's a smidgeon less than $5 billion. That's how much the maker of the Karma extended-range plug-in is getting approved to borrow from its presumed future owner, Wanxiang Group. It's a start.

A US bankruptcy court judge said Wanxiang could loan Fisker $4.98 million for interim financing purposes while the China-based company waits to get antitrust clearance from the US government to buy the now-dormant California-based company, Bloomberg News says. Fisker is seeking another $10.5 million in loans via a debtor-in-possession loan. After that, things get real interesting as everyone from the state of Delaware to General Motors to Finland's Valmet Automotive and more than 600 other entities have gotten in line to collect on what's alleged as $985.4 million in debt.

Last month, Wanxiang won a bid against Hong Kong-based Hybrid Tech Holdings for Fisker, which hasn't made any Karmas since mid-2012. Wanxiang will pay $149.2 million, including $126.2 million in cash and $8 million in assumed liabilities, for Fisker. The automaker filed for bankruptcy last November and Wanxiang bounced the company back as the The New Fisker this week.

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