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Another week coming to a close brings another rumor of a potential hotted-up version of the Subaru everyone wants to turbocharge, the BRZ.

A fresh rumor out of the Car and Driver offices makes the claim that a new, special-edition BRZ model will be offered up within the next few months. Word is that the new model will not get similar upgrades to the recent BRZ tS (seen above) for the Japanese market, meaning we're likely in for a cosmetic update instead of a functional one.

The looks of the tS could still be in the cards, however, meaning swapped-out lip spoiler, wheels and even STI badging might be on the way.

Don't confuse that last bit with Subaru bringing out a proper BRZ STI, either. Indications are good that the STI division is still looking for ways to showcase its aftermarket parts support to US customers, though, so a BRZ trimmed in the tuner gear could be a reasonable path. Meanwhile, the enthusiast-heart still yearns for the real deal.

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