John NeffAfter nearly ten years as Editor-in-Chief of Autoblog, today is my last day. In that time, I built this site by writing 5,961 posts, attending dozens of auto shows, driving countless cars and leading the greatest team of people who will forever be my friends. But I have decided that now is my time to move on and leave the site's exciting future in the capable hands of friends and colleagues I leave behind.

What Autoblog is today I could never have dreamed back in 2004, but thanks to the efforts and talents of so many people both on this team and within AOL, it has become the biggest destination of auto news, reviews and show coverage for enthusiasts and the industry at large. It is my life's greatest achievement to date, but more than big traffic numbers, I'm so proud of these people – these writers, editors, developers and everyone involved who treat Autoblog like the very special thing it is, and give more of themselves for its success than I ever had to ask.

I now happily rejoin the legion of loyal daily Autoblog readers from whence I emerged all those years ago. My next endeavors, whatever they may be, await. To Autoblog, to AOL and to every reader who ever enjoyed this website, I simply say thanks.

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