Doctors fear Michael Schumacher may remain in vegetative state for rest of life

Michael Schumacher has been in a medically induced coma since hitting his head while skiing on December 29, and his condition is not improving. Reports from Mirror in the UK have doctors saying that each day in the coma puts Schumacher in danger of never emerging from it. However, they have no intention of bringing Schumacher out of the coma because they fear he could have a brain hemorrhage. The medically induced coma is meant to decrease his brain's need for oxygen so that it is under less stress for recovery.

Neurosurgeons at a medical conference in Hannover, Germany, made Schumacher's condition a topic of discussion during their meeting. They said that medically induced comas beyond eight days are dangerous because there is the possibility of permanent brain damage. If Schumacher comes out of the coma, he could suffer memory loss or be in a permanent vegetative state for the rest of his life.

Schumacher has been in the coma since entering the hospital in Grenoble, France.
Currently, Schumacher is listed in "stable, but critical" by the hospital. His wife, Corinna, his two children and close family are with him at the hospital. A phalanx of fans of the seven-time Formula One World Champion have been waiting outside the French hospital and wishing for any sign of improvement.

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