2014 Nissan Dayz Roox is the littlest high-roof van you ever did see

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Even average production cars from Japan often seem very conceptual to US eyes. Throw in typical, nonsensical-quasi-English-words name like "Dayz Roox" and you'd be forgiven for thinking this Nissan box on wheels was still a designer's dream. But the fact is that the Nissan Dayz is a model currently on sale, and this Roox version is the latest take on the micro-van, which is a popular segment in Japan.

In fact, this generation of Dayz is the first minicar that Nissan has developed completely in-house, and the thing has been selling astoundingly well in its first stint on the market (30k units in month one month, says Nissan). So it's unsurprising that the company is looking to expand the range with a model that is more fully featured.

The Roox (we have no clue as to where that name came from, or what it means) would appear to be a high-roof version of the three-cylinder Dayz minicar – in fact Nissan goes so far as to call it an "Impressive Super Height Wagon." Features like automatic sliding doors, Around View Monitor and UV-insulated glass are all luxuries in kei-class car. The press release also specifies that the Roox is tall enough to swallow a 27-inch bicycle.

Take a closer look at the mini/maxi Nissan Dayz Roox in our gallery of images, or scroll down for a bit more detail about the model.
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- The Second Offering in the Nissan DAYZ Series is an Impressive Super Height Wagon -

The second model in the Nissan DAYZ series will make its debut at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The new car boasts a number of innovative technologies, including new features that will enhance its everyday usability. Nissan DAYZ ROOX's dynamic exterior styling exudes a strong sporty demeanor, while the spacious high-quality interior provides exceptional comfort for all its occupants, especially those sitting in the rear seats.

- Advanced features such as one-touch automatic-sliding doors and Around View Monitor (AVM) help increase convenience.
- Maximum interior space with enhanced rear-seat-comfort features such as roll sunshades and ceiling fan ventilation for the rear.
- "Super UV-cut heat-insulated green glass" with thermal insulation protects occupants by cutting 99 percent of ultraviolet rays.
- Max-width exterior projects a strong tough stance as well as a true sense of individuality.
- Interior design expresses a sense of luxury and surprising spaciousness.
- The interior space is enough to accommodate a 27-inch bicycle.
- Innovative new technology includes a cost-effective battery-assist system that relieves burden on the engine.
- Sales in Japan to start at the beginning of year 2014.

The Nissan DAYZ is the company's first minicar in which Nissan has been involved in the planning and development stages from start to end. Nissan's commitment to this project has paid off as Nissan DAYZ has been well-received by Japanese consumers, selling a record 30,000 units in its first month on the market. Following in those large footprints, or in this case tread marks, is Nissan DAYZ ROOX, the new model that will be added to Nissan DAYZ lineup.

Nissan DAYZ ROOX will offer Japanese minicar enthusiasts with superior value and exceptionally efficient packaging, ensuring them maximum flexibility and ease-of-use in a way only a super height wagon can offer. The new entry will provide users with added convenience and luxury, including cutting-edge one-touch automatic sliding side doors and Around View Monitor, that offers a 360-degree view around the vehicle.

The second installment in Nissan DAYZ lineup, Nissan DAYZ ROOX, is scheduled for release in early 2014, promising a welcome addition for the growing number of fans of Nissan's new minicar series.

Executive Vice President Takao Katagiri, responsible for the Japan-ASEAN region and Japan sales and marketing, said, "The domestic demand for minicars now currently accounts for 40 percent of the entire automobile market in Japan. In order to answer those demands, Nissan has introduced the much-anticipated first installment of the Nissan DAYZ lineup this past June. So far, it has received high praise from our customers. The Nissan DAYZ ROOX, which represents the second installment, inherits the advanced, user-friendly equipment, high-quality interior, and dynamic exterior design from the original Nissan DAYZ, but adds a spacious interior for added convenience sure to meet or exceed customer expectations. We hope that you will be excited as we are about the new Nissan DAYZ ROOX."

Advanced Convenience Features Enhance the Daily Lives of Active Families
Nissan DAYZ ROOX boasts many advanced features that deliver comfort and convenience. Nissan DAYZ ROOX will be offered with the popular Around View Monitor that offers a 360-degree view of the car from a bird's-eye perspective. The system can display the top and front view, or the top and rear view at the same time as showing the vehicle's 360-degree surroundings. The side view display enables a clear view of areas on either side of the car to support the driver's ability to judge distances when parking or in a narrow road with an oncoming car approaching.

Around View Monitor (AVM) can display the side view which can help drivers detect potentially unseen objects, aiding maneuvers on narrow side streets and helping to promote safe driving when encountering oncoming traffic on narrow roads. Nissan DAYZ ROOX has a small minimum turning radius for good maneuverability, and excellent outward vision, making it agile and easy to navigate in crowded areas. The convenient automatic sliding side doors, operated by pressing a button on the smart key, open and close quickly, which can be very helpful during those times when the driver's arms are full or on a rainy day. The seat under-tray is accessible from both the front or rear seats and blends in with the vehicle's elegant interior styling.

Nissan DAYZ ROOX also offers a touch-panel air conditioning system, adopted from the popular Nissan DAYZ. Offering high readability on a large, ultra-bright monitor, the touch panel has a smooth surface, making it easy to clean. In addition, the answer-back element adds to the advanced functionality. Another proven Nissan DAYZ feature is the super UV-reduction eco glass with thermal insulation in the front doors that cut 99 percent [replaced hyphen with space] of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Advanced Interior Ergonomics with Exceptional Rear-Seat Comfort
Nissan is introducing a rear ceiling air ventilation fan for the first time in a minicar. With controls to adjust the direction and volume of airflow from the front, Nissan DAYZ ROOX system allows air to flow to the rear of the cabin, ensuring maximum air circulation and comfort for all occupants. Also, rear roll sunshades have been added to block sunlight, cutting temperature inside the vehicle by four degrees Celsius, all of which results in comfort for rear-seat passengers. *1

Exterior Exudes Roominess, Substance and True Individuality
Nissan designers wanted the exterior of Nissan DAYZ ROOX to look sporty and aggressive, while at the same time, exude a sense of interior spaciousness. The head-turning shape of the new minicar is enhanced by tinted glass all around the body with black pillars that creates a "floating roof" appearance. A subtle character line flows smoothly from the front to rear bumpers, creating an overall sense of strength and stability. Another line kicks up sharply at the rear of the sliding doors, an element adopted from the Serena. The front of Nissan DAYZ ROOX is all business, highlighted by a large chrome grille that sits between canted head lamps with LED positioning lamps. Nissan will offer three new colors for Nissan DAYZ ROOX Azalea Pink, Pink Gold and Mocha Brown.

Interior Exudes Surprising Luxury and Space
Nissan DAYZ ROOX interior features piano black trim, adding a touch of opulence to the already stylish cabin. Decorative bright silver and chrome trim add to the premium atmosphere. The dashboard seems to wrap around the front-seat occupants, flowing from the interior door trims. A center panel monitor, bordered by piano black trim, features a tablet design and appears to float atop the dashboard. The shift panel and open tray blend together in a clean and efficient way. Also, the seats have been designed and engineered to provide maximum comfort and excellent lateral support.

A Surprising Amount of Interior Space Accommodates Enough Space to Hold a 27-Inch Bicycle
With a cargo compartment spacious enough to accommodate a 27-inch bicycle, Nissan DAYZ ROOX delivers maximum flexibility and convenience to its users, whether they are changing children's clothes, carrying a child car seat, or simply loading and unloading tall items. Up front, thinner A-pillars and expansive glass area help ensure excellent outward vision and class-leading visibility during turns. With the thin pillars and the tall roof, all of the vehicle's occupants are treated to a refreshing feeling of openness.

Maximum Efficiency and Economy Achieved via an Innovative Battery-Assist System
To realize higher efficiency and economy, Nissan is introducing a new battery-assist technology developed by NMKV *2. The system charges a nickel-hydrogen battery during deceleration and uses the energy to power electrical equipment, such as instrumentation. By reducing the need for power from the alternator, gasoline consumption is reduced, contributing to relieve burden on engine and increasing the satisfaction of Nissan DAYZ ROOX owners everywhere they go.

*1: Cabin temperature with air conditioning running in summer conditions, with rear fan set at High.
*2: NMKV Ltd. (based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and managed by President Junichi Endo) is a joint venture between Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (also based in Minato-ku, Tokyo; managed by President Osamu Masuko) which conducts the planning and development of the Nissan DAYZ series.

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