Stolen Motorcycle Returned To Owner 46 Years Later

Customs agents caught the bike on its way to Japan

A Nebraska man couldn't believe his luck when police told him his motorcycle –- 46 years after it had been stolen.

Don DeVault owned the 1953 Triumph Tiger 100 motorcycle for only a year or two before it disappeared from his fenced backyard in 1967, The Spec reported. The bike was heading to Japan when Port Of Los Angeles customs agents ran the vehicle identification number and discovered it had been stolen decades earlier.

DeVault told KETV he remained an avid motorcycle owner after it was stolen, and he never forgot his blue Triumph. In another amazing stroke of luck, Omaha police still had the original police report, which was critical to returning the bike to its original owner.

The agent who found the bike was there when DeVault was reunited with his bike.

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