Oset electric trials bike storms Billionaires Row

If trials riding is an art, then a certain uninhabited property on Billionaire's Row (actually, Kensington Palace Gardens) in London makes for one heck of a canvas for a performance piece video. But, if you want to perpetrate this kind of act in a high-security neighborhood, it's probably best to leave the gas-burner at home and go for something more stealthy. Something more electric. An Oset 20.0 48v trials bike, perhaps.

That's just what Chris Northover recently did when he stormed what might just be the world's most expensive derelict mansion – according to our crack team of researchers, it is not the old Russian consulate as claimed in the video's description, but rather, one purchased by Jon Hunt for 14 million pounds ($22.37 million at today's rates) in 2005.

At any rate, the demonstration of skills makes for an awesome bit of marketing for this maker of electric two-wheelers as they move from targeting very young children to include a somewhat older demographic. Scroll on down and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

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