School Punishes Honor Student For Coming To Drunk Friend's Aid

Teen was cleared by police, but not clear of the district's zero tolerance policy

We hope by the time kids are teens, they've learned to do what is right. A high school in Massachusetts is more interested in district policy than good intentions after a student tried to help her friend in need.

Two weeks ago Erin Cox, a senior at Andover High School, received a call from a friend who was too drunk to drive home from a house party. Just as Erin arrived at the house to pick up her friend so, too, did the cops. While Erin was questioned by police, she was released without charge. Several other students at the party were arrested for being minors in possession.

School officials, however, argued her presence at the party broke their zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol. Erin was stripped of her 'captain' title on the volleyball team and suspended for five games. Erin's mother told WBZ-TV the honor student is crushed by the punishment.

"She didn't do anything wrong. She did what she thought was right, and I'm very proud of her," Erin's mother said." Eleanor Cox told WBZ-TV.

The Cox family had no luck challenging the school's decision in court. A petition of support has been started by her friends at school in an effort to have the punishments overturned.

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