Car accident scams are on the rise (JessicaSarahS, Flic... Car accident scams are on the rise (JessicaSarahS, Flickr).

The number of staged accident insurance claims has been on the rise in recent years, but they are often quite easy to spot. The video above shows some telltale signs that you might be the victim of a staged crash.

In its most recent study on the issue, The National Insurance Crime Bureau said questionable claims were up 46%. Staged car accidents are a huge problem in Russia, prompting many people to install dash cams to combat these incidents. Luckily for the Internet, many of these cameras also pick up crazy crashes.

Staged accidents are dangerous criminal offenses that aim to defraud insurance companies. Targeting innocent drivers, offenders draw unsuspecting motorists into a collision and then file a claim. Since few people become suspicious of fraudulent activity after a collision, many staged accidents go undetected and insurance companies lose out on millions of dollars. These costs typically get passed along to other drivers.

Though the monetary loss is concerning, the real danger of staged accidents comes in the collisions themselves. In 2007 and 2008, years that saw a dramatic rise in staged accidents, there were 71,452 fatalities as a result of automobile collisions. The fact that offenders are increasingly forgoing the danger of seriously injuring or killing an innocent motorist for the purpose of scamming insurance companies is a serious concern.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has compiled a list of videos showing the common types of caused accident schemes.

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