Man Starts Dancing During Sobriety Test

Dale Bentley, 39, says he doesn't remember the dancing.

Bentley was pulled over by police in Gahanna, Ohio early Sunday morning after spending a few hours at a local bar (watch the video to see him explain what he did with one of the women in the bar -- we think that's called motorboating). Happy and gregarious, Bentley was caught on the police car's dash camera failing a sobriety test.

"I'm getting arrested anyway," he told one of the officers on the scene, before breaking out into a little hip-shaking dance. "Come on man, if you want me to make your job a little easy I'll be like, whoo, what?"

Police told the Columbus Dispatch that they didn't think the whole thing was funny, they were just happy to get Bentley off the road. Reached at his home, Bentley didn't want to chat, but he told a Dispatch reporter that he doesn't remember the dancing.

A few years ago, a scene from the comedy show Reno 911 went viral as if it were real, showing a police officer forcing a driver through dance steps at the side of the road. "You a dancer," she asked. "No, I'm just drunk," he said, resulting in the character's arrest.

Here are the secrets to what police are looking for when they conduct a field sobriety test. The tests are not easy to fake.

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